Our story.

We opened Mazi in London’s Notting Hill in 2012 with a vision to show the rest of the world how innovative, tasty and refined Greek food can be.

MAZI, which means “together” in Greek, revives the country’s sharing culinary tradition. We want to bring people together around the table, let them try out different flavours and have fun. We take our inspiration from tradition and childhood memories, and we reinterpret them with a modern twist.

We strive to keep the taste of each dish as close to the original as possible but play with the interpretation, textures and ingredients. Our dishes reflect the gastronomic habits of not only one region but the whole country from the Aegean islands to Northern Greece and the Peloponnese.

We believe in seasonal produce from sustainable sources and we change our menu according to what each season has to offer best.

Our restaurants.