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Food / Set Lunch / Wine and Cocktails

Our menu is designed to be shared by the whole table

– Food Menu –

JARS – £7

Fish Roe Mousse Tarama
Spicy Tiropita, broken filo pastry, leeks and chillies (V)
Grilled Aubergine with soy and thyme honey(V)
Fava Bean, crispy and glazed pearl onions (V)
Tzatziki with only a pinch of garlic (V)


Marinated Anchovies, garden herbs, shallots and chilli £8
Greek Salad with cherry tomatoes and small barley rusks (V) £11
Sea Bream Tartare, avocado mousse and squid ink rice puff £14


Pork Belly gyro tacos £5 (each)
Fresh Calamari lightly battered, citrus mayo £12
Honey Roasted tomatoes, goat’s cheese, thyme olive oil (V) £10
King Prawns Saganaki with Ouzo, tomato confit and red peppers £16
Feta Tempura with lemon marmalade and caper meringue (V) £11
Courgette Cakes, cucumber and mint dip (V) £11
Artichoke Risotto a la polita, dill and glazed carrots (V) £16
Hand Dived Scallops, beetroot skordalia, cauliflower couscous £19


Grilled Octopus, herb potato salad, olive tapenade £24
Black Truffle Chicken, Hunkar Begendi £22
Wild Cod “tsigareli”, foraged greens and potato cream £19
Orzo Pasta Giouvetsi, braised milk fed Ossubuco, Mizithra cheese flakes £25
Shredded Lamb shoulder Stifado, potato cream £21


Loukoumades, lavender honey, crushed walnuts, chocolate sorbet £10
Chocolate Eclair, Greek coffee ice cream £9
Pistachio and Mastiha parfait, strawberry and melon coulis £8
Frozen Greek Yogurt, candied quince, cinnamon oat crunch £7

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